Uli Johnston

Accent Management

I am a manager with 24 years of experience in the global environment. I hold an Executive MBA from Massey University and my expertise is developing and improving business strategies, especially in the corporate development and organisational culture area. I find the root cause of challenges and develop a detailed plan to achieve optimum business performance and outcome.

I have extensive experience in analysing business performance and identifying existing gaps and areas of improvement. In the process I look beyond the typical performance metrics and drill deeper into the workforce planning. Examining the strategic plans and pinpointing elements in need of improvement provides a platform for business transformation. This is important to plan change initiatives which are lasting and effective.

Understanding people, what motivates them, identifying unique strengths, and building strong relationships is my passion. I know how to place the right staff in the best place to maximise organisational success while developing individual pathways to greatness. I have a people-centric focus on surpassing business objectives and the communication and interpersonal skills to match.

Aligning individual goals with the organisational goal is a proven key factor in building a positive organisational culture and employee engagement. This is what I do well, and I love what I do.

Being able to take complex challenges and providing a pathway for improvement, especially in the people arena, is my value proposition. Drafting improvement ad development plans to achieve better performance outcomes excites me. I love passing knowledge to others and making a positive difference. My love of learning and appreciation for diversity of thought drives my quest to improve myself and organisations.


_ Workforce Planning _ Strategic Change and Planning _ Executive Coaching and Development _ Organisational Culture Assessment and Management _ Organisational Design