Steven Dove

If you'd like a hand steering your team towards high performance let's talk.

"High performers understand that they don’t have to trade speed for stability or vice versa, because by building quality in they get both" (Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps)

In a globally competitive and digitally connected world your business can't afford to slow down, nor can you afford to go down.

The research is clear about what 'high performance' looks like in a software powered business, however, knowing how to get there isn't easy. You likely have pressure from all sides to deliver innovation, a 'mature' system that resists change, and engineering staff that are stretched.

My background is as a software developer/architect that has led and transformed tech units ranging in size from 4 to 100+ engineers in both publicly traded and private companies.

I have my battle scars having been through major outages, rapid scaling, capital raises, product releases, platform migrations, and corporate politics. I love to create a safe environment for staff to perform well so we can see great products grow.


  • Work with senior leadership to build a high-trust, collaborative culture within the engineering team and throughout the organisation.
  • Move towards continuous delivery - the set of practices that make it safe to go fast.
  • Ensure engineering staff are aligned with the rest of the organisation on what is valuable - then streamline work so that value is delivered frequently.


Monthly retainer

Work with you for 2-3 days per week


Current state evaluation and on-going advice