Steve Victor

Victors Leadership Consulting Limited

My demonstrable ability to lead high performance teams to new levels in the highly competitive and dynamic technology industry has earned me the reputation as a champion sales and people leader, building +30% year on year growth over the past 6 years. I am a proven leader with an excellent reputation in driving growth, increasing team performance, and maximising profitability. A highly talented and professional ANZ Enterprise Sales Manager with 20+ years’ sales and marketing experience with medium to large ANZ organisations who brings a vast working knowledge and deep expertise in sales leadership, sales discipline, and supporting clients across every operational level.

Employing a passion for driving and delivering technology innovation and adopting best practices to fuel growth and gain a competitive advantage, my ability to bring the best outcomes from the sales team and provide the greatest impact to the clients, business partners, and importantly, the organisations that have employed me has brought a major advantage in achieving outstanding sales growth and customer success.

Leveraging 20+ years of sales and marketing experience as a hands-on sales leader, mentor and coach in medium sized organisations across Australia and New Zealand, and a sales strategist, I drive business vision and growth.

Creative, with intense work ethic and drive, I operate with a fierce spirit, relentlessness, and flexibility. Offering experience in Saas, cloud computing, enterprise resource planning, payroll, and workforce management, I have repeatedly over-performed against annual sales quotas, coached people to become high performance and highly sort after sales professionals, and over-achieved against business KPI's.

With a decade of continuous evolution, Victors Leadership Consulting has emerged with over 20 years of hands-on experience in sales and marketing leadership. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to grow their revenue, achieve greater success, and maximise profitability. Our core focus lies in sharing our wealth of sales experiences, compelling client stories, and proven sales leadership skills with our clients. Through a medium to long term partnership engagement, we offer flexible leadership consulting from one day per week.

If you are seeking a proven leader to drive your sales revenue growth, marketing positioning, and client retention and success, we offer comprehensive solutions to develop and empower your team members. Our expertise lies in on-going weekly leadership engagements, where we collaborate closely with your sales and marketing teams. We provide the leadership in sales and marketing meetings, forecasting, pipeline growth, sales velocity and conversion rates, measuring metrics against lead and lag indicators, sales revenue gap to plan analysis, individual 1:1 coaching, team enablement, team building, and annual company kick-offs, as well as strategic planning and implementation of the strategy, the Sales Playbook, tactics, and activities to support your growth plans. By partnering with us, your business can achieve accelerated growth in its short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and objectives.


Sales Leadership Coaching

  • Strategy - Creating and implementing your sales, marketing, or overall business strategy in a key leadership role with the senior leadership team for the medium to long term to measure and to achieve the agreed strategy.
  • People Management - Providing regular weekly sales leadership engagements with the business and the sales team where sales processes, sales disciplines, and sales results are measured and achieved in line with the businesses strategy and goals.
  • Business Systems - Lead business systems projects in sales and marketing aligned to the business strategy and goals where we would be responsible for the end to end systems selection, implementation, and success, measured and achieved in line with the businesses strategy and goals.

Increase Sales Performance

  • Developing Teams - Providing regular weekly sales leadership engagements with the business and the sales team where sales processes, sales disciplines, and sales results are the focus and are lead by us.
  • Optimising Teams - Developing each individual team member with stretch goals and responsibilities back into the overall team helps team members improve their performance which leads to the team all contributing and working with one another to all achieve the business strategy and goals setout in front of them.
  • Coaching and Mentoring - Engaging with the sales team members regularly to provide structured weekly 1:1 coaching and mentoring meetings as well as team sales enablement sessions to bring the very best out of the individuals which leads to a high performing team.

Optimise Sales Results

  • High Performance - With strong leadership and team engagement we will see high performance results from the individual team members which leads to a high performing team measured against the businesses strategy and goals.
  • Increased Revenue - Empowering the sales and marketing people to own and achieve their quota, and be disciplined and focused on the sales and marketing processes to acquire new clients or grow and develop existing clients with retention and expansion strategies, will provide your business with increased sales revenue.
  • Improved Profitability - Through teams being more disciplined with processes and measured and rewarded accordingly against the business strategy and goals, your business will see improved profitability which will allow you to invest further in the business to further accelerate business growth.


Sales Consulting

All my sales consulting engagements are a minimum of 1 day per week, and can be split across 2 half days each week.

$2,000 per day