Shane Gibson


I help organisations that want to improve their data capabilities, but do not want to hire a permanent team of experts to deliver it.


  • Agile Data Coach - I help data and analytics teams to safely accelerate their adoption of an agile way of working. Agile requires changes in the way we do things in the data world. Delivering something as “Done Done” in three week iterations using Scrum, or continuously delivering using Kanban, requires a major change in how teams do things to deliver.

  • Data Blueprints, Roadmaps and Strategies - If you know where you want to take you data and analytics capabilities, but you are not sure how to get there, I can help create a blueprint that articulates your planned journey. This blueprint covers both technologies and operating models.

  • Fractional Data Team - We use our AgileData App and AgileData Platform to deliver the data work with you, removing the need to hire a permanent team of 3-5 data experts. We become your fractional data team.


Agile Data Coaching

I deliver this service on a fractional basis, and under a hourly, daily or monthly rate model.

Data Blueprints, Roadmaps, Strategies

I deliver these on a fixed price basis.

Fractional Data Team

We deliver this for a fixed monthly subscription, which includes both the SaaS platform and all our time to do the data work for you.