Santiago Bernhardt

Bernhardt Fractional

I am a fractional Platform Automation and Security Lead helping businesses to securely and reliably build, understand, deploy and maintain complex technology systems.

I prioritize building meaningful relationships with my clients by offering flexible scheduling tailored to their needs. Through collaborative agreements, we establish dedicated blocks of time each week, ensuring a reliable source of expertise and guidance. This fosters a deeper understanding of business dynamics, enabling personalized advice and assistance. Additionally, I adapt to project-based work structures when necessary, guaranteeing that we align seamlessly with evolving requirements.


  • Compliance: Guide businesses through the Cloud Certification Process by facilitating scope definition, understanding of requirements, advising precisely on what to do and how to do it within the expected deadline.

  • Cost Control: Assist in analyzing and understanding the costs and metrics necessary for reducing Cloud Operational Expenses.

  • Migrations: Guide your business through planning to understand all requirements and hidden areas associated with a migration. Work alongside your technical and leadership teams throughout the transformation process.

  • Practice: Coach and Mentor your DevOps, SRE, and Platform teams to enhance your Software Development Life Cycle and overall Security Posture.

  • Security: Identify technical and procedural risks that could lead to data theft (damaging your brand and reputation) and provide foundations to prevent such events.



We form a long term partnership that suits yours business needs. Price depends on Focus areas.

150-250 /h

One Off

I help deliver a defined set of outcomes by an specific deadline. Normally less than 40h engagements.

250-350 /h