Rebecca Wrightson


I'm a connector - helping people and businesses uncover and align their purpose, find their place, build on their strengths and realise their potential.

An accomplished and passionate people, culture and leadership coach, experience designer and change strategist.

Being deliberate about how you want (and don’t want) to build & scale your structure and culture will set you up to attract, recruit, engage and even offboard the right people at the right time as you grow.

My depth and breadth of experience allows me to work and connect in a way that suits the dynamics of a growing business. I know that there is never one perfect answer, and I enjoy troubleshooting and genuinely collaborating on the best way forward for the situation and business stage.

I love working alongside founders/leaders and their teams to build self-awareness of strengths and instil confidence so that they can have meaningful conversations that build trust and exceptional engagement and performance.

I use design-thinking principles to co-design and iterate great people experiences, strategies and programmes.


  • culture baseline and strategy
  • building employee engagement
  • coaching leaders and teams
  • leading and communicating change
  • vision and values design
  • attraction and recruitment strategy and action