Noah Cantor

Technology Leader with 20+ years experience. I see in systems - people and their interactions - and understand that getting great results comes from creating the right environment and letting people give their best. I focus on building amazing, continually improving, places to work, which leads to great results and happy customers.

I spent the first part of my career working with systems, and as far away from people as I could manage. I found people difficult, and technology easy. After 10 years, during which time I was responsible for anything that had an electrical current running through it, I looked around and found that the technical problems I was solving weren't making things any better. That started the second part of my career. I have spent the rest of my career working directly with people. I studied psychology, motivation, team building, strategy, systems thinking, theory of constraints, change theory, and more, in order to understand what it is that drives people to make the decisions they do. Due to those studies, and a shift in my own thinking, I have found that I am quite good with people. It's a complete turnaround from where I started. Now I spend almost all of my time working with people to understand the systems they're in, and to help improve those systems, so they can do their best work. I sometimes do this as a consultant, sometimes as an embedded empoyee, and sometimes as a fractional executive. I have worked for multiple organisations as a fractional CTO, working with teams to build the sorts of environments that people want to work in, and ensuring they have the knowledge and capabilities to do their best work.


  • Building effective organisations and high performing teams
  • Helping organisations that are stuck, or dysfunctional, become unstuck and performant
  • Coaching and mentoring staff to take on bigger roles and grow into what their organisations need them to be
  • Working with other executives to understand the role technology needs to play in their organisation, in a way that makes sense to them
  • Advising executives on technical matters



1-3 days per week


Work with executives, either directly or through an advisory board


Come in to solve a particular, difficult, problem


Help your new technology or product leader grow the capabilities the role needs from them