Moana O'Neil

Being 10 years at my last company culminating as COO and CEO - the next step for me is one I want to take considering all options and ensuring I can bring the full depth of my experience. I’ve been in the Freelance/Contract market for the last 6 months. It's been interesting and I miss the ability to unleash more potential and value that you are able to as part of a team. I am open minded and a straight – talker, I can often be heard saying ‘make it real for me'. Known as a courageous leader, a deep listener, my consulting background is highly transferable.

Experience that I could bring to your business -

  • My time as a COO was my most fulfilling as I was across the whole business functionally and able to support the team in unleashing their potential. This role seems to tap into a number of my strengths.

  • Being a CEO was a privilege - while I was COO and CEO, I had financial responsibility for ~$20m P&L and Balance Sheet. I have deep involvement in all Budgets across the business too.

  • I believe a strength I can bring to the business is that I’ve had the benefit of consulting with clients on Strategy and fed that through to Operational Plans, spanning Sales, Marketing, Channels, Finance, People Experience and Finance to name a few.

  • I’ve also worked with and implemented for Redvespa their Strategy and then seen it made real as a COO and CEO I have spent many years working with Senior management as a consultant and also as a Leader within Redvespa - coaching and guiding, building strong relationships and a team around me was a key part of my everyday responsibility. Culture, team growth and development is something that I appreciate as integral to a high performing team.

  • You measure what matters - I introduced and managed KPIs aligning with the Strategy and focus’ of Redvespa, I also recruited a role at Redvespa that focused on data - ensuring metrics were delivered and saw a significant leap in performance of the team as they were armed with insight that allowed them to focus on the key things that made an impact for their customers.

  • In the Business Analysis space, Process analysis, improvement and design has often been a core part of my roles.


Making it real for the business. I have deep Operations, Customer Care, PeX experience. I've got experience as COO and CEO.

With a background in Business Analysis and Consulting, I tend to action and critical thought. I have recent Leadership experience - however, regardless of role -

  • I naturally identify issues and how they might be resolved
  • My nature as a pragmatist means I understand the environment I am in quickly and seek out the most fit for purpose approach
  • If you need a Strategy designed - I’ll work with you to define it
  • If you need a competent leader of people - I can do that too.


Virtual Chief Operating Officer

While the CEO focused on long-term shareholder and business goals, I can implement daily operations, aligned with that goal and the company's strategies. Take the Strategy in place and run it through to an operational plan - or define a Strategy if one needs defining. Looking across whole business and supporting and growing it as appropriate.

Very open to discussion

Virtual Chief Executive Officer

I can support and ensure your organisation can understand and live their core values and culture. If it hasn't been defined, I'm experienced in facilitating and clarifying this too with the team. Other things I can support you in - Ensuring the Culture of an organisation is clear, effective and understood. Reporting to the Board Responsibility for P&L and Balance sheet - budgeting for the business. Lead teams of Sales, Marketing, Operations, including People Experience, Finance, Information and Technology, Innovation and Consulting.

Very open to discussion