Matthias Risse

I believe firmly in the power of simplicity - simple is hard.

My specialty lies in building and leading global, high-performing, cross-functional teams. These teams rapidly ideate, design, build, test, and crucially, continuously deliver engaging and scalable B2B and B2C products and platforms. What drives me is creating products that customers love, that are economically viable and add significant value.

Adapting with ease between technology and product strategy down to hands-on work, my experience is both diverse and extensive. I've worked with SaaS startups, SMEs, NGOs, top universities, and various global Fortune 500 technology corporations.

Enjoyment in my work comes not only from the technical challenges but also from engaging directly with customers, investors, board members, and senior executives. Solving detailed product design and engineering questions, and everything in between, is where I find fulfilment and generate value for your organisation.


  • Technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions from product, engineering, organizational, compliance and cyber security perspectives.
  • Building organizations, empowering contributors and collaborating on impact-driven roadmaps with a people, design and customer centric approach to product and technology.
  • System and design architecture and process reviews and guidance with an empathic, yet outcome driven approach.
  • International leadership experience. Have worked with teams in Germany, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.