Julie Reddish

As a virtual Chief People Officer, I'll use my experience to help your company reach its goals. I'll focus on developing your talent, planning your workforce, and building a great company culture. My aim is to create a fun and inclusive workplace where top talent wants to stay. With my strategic approach and commitment to a positive culture, I'll ensure your teams are motivated and deliver outstanding results.

As a Virtual Chief People Officer, I bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of driving significant organizational growth and cultural transformation. My leadership philosophy is rooted in empowering teams to excel and creating an environment where every individual feels valued and motivated to contribute their best.

At Optimal Workshop, I led the development and implementation of people and culture strategies that resulted in a 70% increase in team size within six months and elevated employee engagement scores to 90%. My approach to talent management includes strategic workforce planning, end-to-end recruitment, and a focus on aligning workforce strategies with corporate objectives. I have successfully managed significant organizational changes, including leadership transitions and structural reorganizations, while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and operational efficiency.

In my previous roles at Flux Federation and Xero, I demonstrated my ability to lead diverse teams, implement effective training and development programs, and foster a positive workplace culture. I spearheaded recruitment initiatives that significantly enhanced team diversity and promoted continuous improvement of processes, tools, and methodologies. My background in event coordination and public speaking has also equipped me with the skills to effectively communicate and promote company values and initiatives both internally and externally.


  • Leading strategic workforce planning and recruitment efforts to support company growth.
  • Developing and implementing people and culture strategies aligned with company goals.
  • Conducting individual development sessions, performance counseling, and goal setting.
  • Promoting and protecting company values, culture, and behaviors.
  • Organizing company-wide events and facilitating Agile ceremonies.
  • Designing and facilitating training programs and workshops to upskill teams and individuals.



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