Hannah Eickmeier

Hannah Eickmeier

Hi I'm Hannah, I help tech organisations in the growth phase to scale their practices and teams. I have over a decade of experience in SaaS B2B and B2C organisations including American Express and Xero, I have also have experience with pre-seed startups.

I am a big-picture strategist who can break down the larger goals into actionable execution nuggets. I have experience working with enterprise companies and with small scale start ups. I have launched products from 0 to 1 and I've created strategies to nurture existing products and even to sunset products that are no longer required. In addition to consumer products, I have built developer tools and operational practices such as incident management and UI Modernisation. I am an experienced people manager. I am skilled in leadership, coaching and mentoring. I am experienced in working directly with CEOs.


  • Scaling SaaS organisations, supporting during the growth phase
  • Strategy & vision development
  • Product market fit analysis
  • Hiring, managing and building product teams
  • Introducing and improving product practice
  • Launching new products & entering new markets


Chief Product Officer

Responsible for the strategic product direction. Collaborates with the leadership team and contributes to the overall success of the organisation. People manager to the product team. Ensuring product market fit and return on investment. Identifying opportunities for innovation and reaching new markets.

$1300 NZD a day