Graham Scott

Simple Business Ltd

I understand business numbers, and how to use them to make better decisions. I bring clarity, simplicity and big-picture thinking.

I am an author, Fellow Chartered Accountant, ex-business owner and keen user of Constraint Management thinking. I had my own accounting practice for 25 years. In 2009 I took nine months off to travel the world with my family. Since them I haven't prepared a set of accounts and have instead worked on developing client businesses. We have succeeded by focussing on the business Bottleneck to improve the flow of work and money. Unlike many accountants, I'm interested in predicting the next months' profits instead of last months.


  • Bring a strategic focus to business
  • Understanding and improving the numbers
  • Improve business productivity
  • Help owners step away from the business
  • Coach and mentor SLT members
  • Build predictive accounting systems


Productivity Officer

Monthly retainer