Gabrielle Pritchard

Gabrielle Pritchard

An global Marketing and Customer Success/CX executive with a broad perspective and diverse experience. I've helped build brands and create exceptional customer experiences for companies ranging from start up to enterprise, local and international.

I enjoy the alchemy of marketing, part art, part science. An armchair psychologist, culture junkie and marketing nerd, I know how to weave strategy and human insight with creativity and technology to connect with customers and accelerate business growth. I've spearheaded brand evolutions and revolutions, go to market, digital, CX and cultural transformations, built strategic partnerships and high performing teams. Collaborative, curious and creative, I'm known for making a tangible cultural and commercial impact while retaining my sense of humour.

  • Diverse industry experience includes: SaaS | Tech | Finance | Telco | NFP | Sports and entertainment | Tourism
  • Brand experience includes Xero, BNZ, Telstra, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Lion, 20th Century Fox, and Vodafone, through to challengers like Bell Direct and Figured.


  • Marketing strategy: Who do you serve? Why should they care? How do you show up to prospects and customers?
  • Brand strategy: making your brand 'Easy to mind. Easy to find.'
  • Product marketing: Driving engagement and advocacy, reducing churn
  • Digital/perfomance Marketing: linking comms with leads, nurturing and conversion, and the platforms behind it
  • Building capability: training and support for internal teams, and embedding customer-centricity in the organisation
  • Customer insight: market and customer insight to guide the above including customer journey mapping


Fractional CMO

Monthly retainer

USP and marketing audit

Marketing needs analysis