Em Preston


I'm Em! Bloom's Empowerment Lead and ex Product/Delivery Manager (IT). I have spent a long time working across multiple companies the tech industry, helping to build frameworks, optimise happiness and efficiency, and help tech teams thrive.

Although my journey has been incredibly enjoyable, my heart is with People Experience, diving deeper into how we can better advocate for our people at work. I have been a part of Bloom since it began, learning with the co-founders how my skills in Product/Delivery Management crossed with my super powers in Empowerment and Empathy could combine into a vCPO offering for companies around Aotearoa.

With a wealth of knowledge from my time in the tech space, I truly understand not only the nuances of how teams work together, but how to curate the best environment for unique individuals so that they can be at their best in ways that are sustainable and will ensure both well-being and delivery. Despite my strength being with tech companies, I'm open and excited to work in any industry.


I can walk alongside you to:

  • Set up effective communication frameworks within and between teams
  • Establish your people strategy, including wellbeing strategies
  • Coach your leaders to have courageous conversations and lead with empathy
  • Work with your team to establish a great team culture
  • Create people policies and processes from recruitment and onboarding through to performance management and offboarding


Short pieces of work

$160 per hour

Longer contracts

And work for not for profit/charitable organisations

Hourly rates negotiable