Dan Bal


Clients seeking to outsource many times do not recognize the hidden costs and risk associated with the transition of services. We offer a successful path for the most important 6-12 months a company will go through. It's not vendor selection or even contract negotiation, as important as these are, that determine success. Thoughtful, practical and a measurable service transition will set forward the path to excellence.

With over 25 years’ experience in the outsourcing business, we provide leadership in the design and deployment of customer experience and services for major insurance, financial services, healthcare and high-technology clients with a specialization in process optimization that leverage diverse digital channels. The key success is the ability to navigate the crossroads of automation, efficiency and quality that operationalize the Future of Service concepts. These are most relevant with core competencies in: Consumer Engagement and Loyalty Design, BPO Management, Customer Experience Strategy and Design, Program Management Governance, and Partnership Management.


Here's the five key attributes we craft for each client that vastly increase the probability of success;

  1. Measure what matters to your customers, not just what is required to manage the forecast of contact volume
  2. Understand the right profile of Service Agents that inform recruitment and the key to attrition
  3. Develop a training regime that fits the services to be outsourced, in conjunction with what services are retained
  4. Create a plan designed to ensure a successful continuity of service, not to fix short term problems
  5. Develop a vendor governance program to evaluate and improve operations


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