Ben Fellows

A hands on, big picture thinker that can add value by coming alongside your tech teams to help them get the most value out of technology. I'm working on the tools most weeks and then also advising customers on which direction to take with tech stack.

I love working with Hi-Tech, SaaS, Finance, Energy, Health and Startup companies that have a strong vision and purpose behind what they are doing. I like to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

I could waffle on about experience, but if you can think of me like a Multi-faceted MacGyver:

  • Tech Stack: I can jump into technical detail and understand it from the infrastructure to the software.
  • Business: I've owned and been a part of several startups and worked in several different industries.
  • Outside of my professional life, I'm a busy Dad supporting my wife homeschooling, living rural, helping out with school camping, hunting and getting outdoors.

With all of these experiences and skills I understand people, which is a company's most important part. I also understand that the right tool is required for the job. We don't need to "complexify" everything with a hundred different bolt on technologies, we don't need to automate things that are legacy.

We need to focus on adding value every day in a well managed, measurable way.

I can list all the most common tools I use here: AWS, Vue, Node, PHP, Python, MySQL, Postgres, Linux, Bash, Ansible, CloudFormation, compilers, Powershell etc...


My focus is primarily on helping companies who want to go global become technology leaders in their industries.

  • Cloud Road Map: I can help you build out your cloud road map for how you are going to use cloud tech in your business.
  • Team leadership: I can impart vision and leadership skills to your team to ensure success
  • Executive Coaching: Coaching the executive team on how to make the most of technology and also increase the value of their business through smarter, long term technology decision aligned with their business goals.
  • Automation: Manage and get involved in setting up the automation of technical delivery. Using practical hands on experience and motivating and educating your team to streamline production of software and infrastructure delivery.
  • Software and Security: Distill the key metrics and approach to managing enterprise cloud security within your software. Ensure risks are managed effectively and well communicated within your organisation. Help everyone to be a team player and have awareness of security.


Monthly Retainer

Dedicated few hours with your team each week to implement and manage delivery, vision, innovation and technology. Expected for working on longer term projects (max 6 months commitment).


Executive Advisory (Hourly rate)

On demand (Minimum 4 hours at a time) advisory, coaching and security advice around cloud, road maps and product development.


Automation (Hourly rate)

Work with your team to automate and scale your software and infrastructure. Month by month commitment.