Auriga Martin

I can help with macro level strategy, global growth markets as well as identifying and maximizing opportunity. Coming from 23 years of Product leadership and being one of the founding team at well known SaaS unicorn (sold to LinkedIn in 2015 $1.5B USD) have given me many tools for evolving teams, company ethos and capability to reach full potential.

I believe in taking an internal IP driven approach which creates engagement, accountability and ownership with existing teams - all essential ingredients in keeping pace with the market. I look forward to helping you form a strategy and a people plan that will undeniably enhance your trajectory.


My current focus is partnering with founder teams to build board/advisory capability and an empowering resilient company structure that endures but I can also get into the inner workings of the product practice:

  • inspect & adapt continuous validation
  • data infrastructure
  • company metrics/performance design & tracking