Andrew Long

I’ve been deeply connected to the technology space for over 30 years. I’ve spent the past 12 in SaaS start ups building efficient, data-driven customer experiences. I’ve run Customer Support and Success functions, both small and large, as well as wearing Operations and Privacy hats at a senior level.

I love solving problems and executing on growth strategies in early stage scale-ups. I specialise in (and get most excited about) increasing Net Revenue Retention, reducing churn, improving customer sentiment and advocacy, optimising customer team tooling, and building high-performing customer teams.

I was fortunate to be one of the first employees at global SaaS success Timely. Over my tenure of almost 10 years I experienced the full start up, scale up, acquisition journey and always ready to share what I learned.


  • Varied senior management and leadership experience
  • Scaling up tooling, processes and teams
  • Solving issues related to churn and retention
  • Building motivated, engaged and high-performing customer facing teams
  • Improving renewal pipelines and expanding revenue
  • Crafting the right metrics to improve business performance
  • Recommendations for privacy compliance


Day rate

Flexible working arrangements

$1500 /day